Taking Strategy Consulting to the Next Level

After nearly 30 years in business I am pleased to announce E Squared.   The goal of this new strategy and management consulting is very simple.  Our success will be the initial and ongoing success of our clients.  After thousands of boardroom sessions literally hundreds of projects I felt it was time to turn the corner and follow a dream.  There are too many people to thank for all of the opportunities leading up to this but I wouldn’t have been able to reach this level of expertise without my previous employers and countless learning experiences with my customers over the past couple of decades.

One of the major disconnects that I hope to help companies with is the challenge that technology presents in day to day business life.  In so many scenarios I have seen companies consistently deal with the inability to deliver on strategic plans.  Sometimes these strategies are ill-fated from the beginning and other times there is almost no strategy at all.  Regardless, the key to success is being able to translate strategy into tactical objectives where a firm has a real opportunities to monetize its strategies and create competitive advantage.

I have long said that profitability is a result of people, process and plumbing.  In this equation technology is the plumbing but without real change in the mindset of the people in an organization and efficient processes there is little chance for success.  The challenge in combining these elements to work in harmony is that few consultants have the background and understanding to create actionable plans that give a business a concrete path for the inevitable transformation that is necessary.

There will be plenty of time to expand on lots of topics in the coming months but I at least wanted to give people some insight into why we’re here and how we can help.  If this post connects with you in some way feel free to reach out and drop me a line.